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There are many reasons why our students choose Australia every year: a spectacular weather, quality of life, multiculturalism, a country in frank growth with several decades without economic crisis, a real opportunity to get a permanent residence due of a very open immigration program, with a list of careers and trades in demand make Australia a very interesting destination.

Australia is one of the largest countries in the world, the sixth to be exact, however its population is only about 24 million people. With a birth rate below the world average range, Australia has more than one million international students and a quota of 190 thousand permanent immigrants per year, from specialized labour is needed in all areas that come to keep an optimal level of growth and occupation.

For these reasons, students who choose the best country in the world to study, have the option to work legally, from part time with a maximum of 20 hours a week to full time, depending on taken course.

Among the general conditions:

1.  English, vocational and higher education courses allow you to work part time.

2.  Students with work rights, have the legal protection that governs all Australians, as well as social security and other benefits of law.

3.  Australia has harsh penalties, which protect international students from exploitation, abuse or sub-payment.

4.  Holiday period, within your program, allows you to work full-time, in all courses.

5.  Dependent applicants in a Post Graduate's Visa can work full time.

6.  Freelance jobs, that work in the provision of specific services, do not have a certain limit of working hours under ABN.

7.  Certain programs of vocational or University studies of two years or more, allow you to apply for a Post-Graduate visa that in Australia, among the conditions are able to work full time.


Welcoming pack

Click Education Australia provides specialized, professional and free advice from experts who have lived and worked in Australia as students before. We understand that for you this is a life project, we know that starting from zero in another country can be challenging, therefore, we offer advice and services not only applying to the Visa and school. Our help goes throughout your stay in Australia and is intended to make this process much easier.

1.  Assistance in the search of flight ticket.

2.  We have accommodation partnership for shared rooms and apartments.

3.  If your Visa package offers it, we have a free airport pick-up service.

4.  We also offer a student bank account in Commonwealth Bank, the largest bank in Australia under the zero fees standard.

5.  Upon arrival, you will receive various emails that include: Aussie curriculum, web pages for job search and complementary information.

6.  All the documents you need to work ABN (Australian Business Number)

7.  TFN (Tax File Number)

8.  Free pass to all our Workshops and training programs.

9.  Advice on the extension of your Visa with Student Click discount.

10.  Activation of medical insurance, and shipment of medical service card.

11.  Management, help and intermediation amidst the chosen school in case of any eventuality.

12.  We have a group of immigration agents, registered and authorized, in case you need any immigration advice.

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