We recommend you to quote in different agencies before buying your air ticket.
The cheapest season to travel to Australia is between June and August.
Once you have your Visa granted, one of our advisors can guide you searching flights and recommendations.


Click Education Australia has several lodging agencies, we can refer you to one of them to obtain the best accommodation option.
However, given the boom of social networks, the most economical option will always be to find shared room options among students and groups in social networks.


If your package includes it, Click Education Australia will offer you a free transport card pre-loaded with 20 AUD. The transport cards in Australia vary according to the city, and you can buy them at the bus, train or ferry stations.

Piece of advice...

Searching your flights ahead in time can save you a lot of money.

Probably, your flight will long last many hours, when you try to safe money, verify the scales, visas, and waiting time. It will be very helpful!

There are many things that cannot be brought. For example, the medication you are consuming may not be able to enter without medical prescription. So, take a look at this article about introducing medicines in Australia:

Surely you will miss your favourite drink, Australia allows introduce a maximum of 2.25 Litters of Duty Free alcohol.

Check out this official article about what items can be introduced in Australia

Likewise you will go to the beach in Australia very often, we have many! remember that you can only swim between the red and yellow flags.

Shark attacks are very unlikely, you should be very aware of the beaches signs and the sirens warning of sharks.

In Australia you always drive and walk on the left.

When driving in Australia you should be very careful to the Kangaroos, they are everywhere, you will not want to run over one.


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